Thursday, February 9, 2023

Life has been less than kind


   7 years… it’s been a lot … almost too much

Had loads of plans, even in the midst of a lot of it, photos, research, sharing, ideas all being cultivated…. 

3 serious spinal surgeries

Suicide of Father

The pandemic year(s)

Unknown health dx- something making me very sick

Loss of home after 20 years (due to black mold!)

No home 

Live with daughter and her family 

Relocate close to her, our Son-in-law aka Poppa Bear #2 & my granddaughter

Daughter is killed 17 days later

Family imploded

Suicide of 2 parents in a lifetime is a lot. 20 surgeries in a lifetime is a lot too. Loss of one’s health & home at our age was staggering, frightening.

The killing…. of my daughter, in June of 2022 made all of the above seem like nothing at all. My life as I know it is very very different now.  Now, I’m fighting to breathe, to survive.  I’ve been encouraged to write again…. No one will know I’m here doing so.  

The sidebars links don’t exist anymore. The ideas of this space at its creation by my gorgeous hearted friend, is very very different now.  Now, it might be for finding creative kind ways to heal for myself and others like me. 

Hoping life is being kind