Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello! Welcome to A Creative and Kind Life!

I know it's been a few months since our construction update notice, and well, I believe all our bits and bobs are working now.
I was waiting for some "perfect time".  You know, when you have this, or that, or you want to start out *again* right, BIG, bright!  Next thing you know, a couple of days turns into weeks, turns into months.  Not good, NOT the way I like to do things.  I'm a getting it done kind of gal, unless I'm scared. Or medicated.... Yes, but not in the way you might think; that will be part of a series of getting to know me.  I will say, it's part of a pain protocol that basically is now working, but the trade off is, I feel like I traded no pain, or less pain, significantly less pain, for little brain...2.5 days out of 3. And let me be clear, I am grateful!!! But I feel more and more like my favorite Disney Character, Winnie-the-Pooh, a bear with little brain.
That's HUGE for a bit of a Type A minded gal, who I might add at one time had a mind like a steel trap!
So a New Normal. A Creative way of looking and dealing with life. Which still plays into what I imagined this new place to be; before my life took a turn left when I wanted it to go right. It happens, and ya roll with it!!
A Creative Life is not just about planners, stationery, RAOK, photography, art journaling, mixed media, yarn arts, coloring, doodling, traditions, arts and crafts with children or family events.  Or a place to showcase National, State or Local "Make a Difference" kinds of events.  It's also, I realized, a way we creatively juggle life. As a Mom, or Wife, a full time Employee or Boss, a Stay at Home Mom, a Home Schooling Mom (or Dad), as a student or a even as a disabled person. Each is trying to do it all. Have it all. Reach the ultimate dream! All of that takes an internal creativity!!  That's not a bad thing.  In this day and age, it takes a lot of creativity to do what we do to make it thru a day.
What my wish in all of it is, no matter what, even in the "ugh" days (we all have em), there is a moment upon reflection, we laughed, we made a memory, we smiled, we did something for someone else, the day no matter how full it was, there WERE moments worth savouring, or even CELEBRATING!!!

So, with all that being said, here, we go. I'm jumping in, both feet, "C'mon Cj what are you waiting for? You CAN do this! You've imagined this place and it's here and it's time for you to be stepping out from behind fear, showing up, sharing, encouraging and living a Crreative and Kind Life."  Yup, it is!

I hope you'll be patient with me, forgive delays, or wonky posts.  If anything I can be entertaining! I believe in turning negatives into positives. I believe in supporting yourself, family, community and the creative community you may be part of.   The world is full of negative folks, thoughts and actions.  I'm ready to counter that with some creative dialogue and fun.

I hope you'll join me, and my friend Erin up there. As I said before,  she'll pop in as she feels compelled to.  She is a treasure to me. I'm a very lucky gal to have made such a friend as I have in her. I can bounce my 1000mph creative brain off of her, and she gets it, she gets me, she'll be honest and direct and funny as all get out; I trust her., and she trusts me, I understand her too! Ying and Yang, similar, but opposite, supportive ALWAYS, and tell it like it is. And Oh how we love to learn!  It's a very cool friendship, priceless to me.  I am grateful for her whimsical, artistic, fun design. She nailed what my heart and head was trying to convey what I was imagining such a place to be, if I truly was going to return back to blogging once again. I've had a few stops and starts over the last 4 years, but the timing wasn't right. My heart wasn't ready and life got weird and complicated for awhile. So timing is everything and here we are! Or I am.  Can I tell you something........ I'm pretty stinking happy about it I must say.

Ok, to kick this off, let's hear what some of your favorite creative endeavors are. In life? Or as a hobby? A self made small business? A dream of one? What would you love to learn to do?
Comment below, I'll be watching, commenting and promise to be back soon, with more about me, my various creative loves and endeavors to make a difference, and community, the one I hope we together might build here.

I hope this finds you and yours well.
Let's be Creative and Kind shall we!?!

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